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รหัสสินค้า : 4710782155947

รหัสสินค้า :

Release Date: 13-07-2015


สยาม 086-456-8632
ลาดพร้าว 087-678-6663
T21 086-366-3539
ปิ่นเกล้า 083-048-4488
พัทยา 096-885-5041
ออนไลน์ 098-272-4403

**รายการสินค้าสั่งซื้อเฉพาะออนไลน์เท่านั้น สําหรับสาขาหน้าร้านกรุณาโทรสอบถามก่อนทุกครั้ง**

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The game follows the story of the Devil’s two daughters, Laegrinna and Velguirie, in their quest to free their father from imprisonment. Laegrinna is aided by three demons to find the descendants of the twelve Saints, which bounded her father in prison and lure them into her traps that delivers death through Sadistic, Elaborate, or Humiliating ways. While the infernally mischievous, and wickedly sadistic Velguirie, forges a quest to regain her powers after she loses it from a long slumber. To obtain her powers back and to fulfill her father’s wishes in the process, she must poison human dreams and lure them into a place between the dreamlands and the real world to ensnare their souls using traps and trickery.